something blue

Yesterday I had the clever idea to wear a new pair of shoes to work. Two years ago I found these shoes on sale for $15. What a steal! Why I've never worn them since they were bought was a mystery to me, until today. These lovely shoes are a light blue color with a chunky heel, reminding me of something Carrie Bradshaw would wear. I never seemed to have the right outfit that would go with these pairs of shoes. Well, today ended that catastrophe. I decided to wear these blue shoes with a light grey dress. Perfect a nice day at work, or so I thought.

As I walked into the office yesterday morning with my fancy blue shoes on, I was told by a co-worker they were "fabulous". What a great start to my day! Too bad it pretty much went downhill from there. As the morning progressed, I started to notice how many times I would need to get up from my desk. Coffee break since I was feeling a little sleepy. Bathroom break because of all the coffee I've been drinking. Water break since I'm feeling a little dehydrated. Bathroom break from all that water. Invitation to lunch that I have to accept. A couple of city blocks to our lunch destination. Back to my desk. Print job that I have to save from the printer. Water break again. Bathroom break again. I'm sure your starting to get the picture. 

By the time five 'o clock rolls around, my feet are screaming "please, please, PLEASE don't walk any farther!" Only problem is, I have to get to the train station that's five blocks from my building. All I can say is, if you happened to see someone limping down Monroe Street yesterday in light blue shoes, looking like she just learned how to walk, it was nice meeting you.

Maybe that's why those shoes were on sale...


hello my name is Kate..

..and I think I might have a slight problem. Nothing to be too worried about. I mean, it could be worse. My problem could be an addiction to $1,000 Louis Vuitton purses or maybe $200,000 high-rise condos. Even though I wish I could afford those kinds of addictions, mine doesn't really fit into those price ranges. Nevertheless, I seem to have a problem.
I am addicted to books. Seriously. In the past week and a half I've bought thirty-four books. I just couldn't stop. First, came the Newberry Library Book Fair here in Chicago that I wait for every year. Each book was $2 or less so I had to buy twenty-two books. When will you ever find great books in amazing shape for only $2? Next came the going-out-of-business sale at Borders (which I'm very sad about by the way) where I bought ten books. Then one of my favorite authors, Jennifer Donnelly, came out with her new book so of course I had to pre-order 'A Wild Rose'. Finally, I was in a local book store last weekend in Lake Geneva, WI and couldn't fight the urge to not support a local bookstore causing me to buy yet another book. Thirty-four books. I think I need to steer clear of all book stores for a while.

Hello my name is Kate and this space is meant to be a place to share my amusing reviews on books I've read as well as the random incidences I find myself in every day.