my kindle

Given my somewhat challenging New Year's resolution, I've decided to put my Kindle to the test. Let's see how many books I can download before it literally explodes with words!

Every time I turn my kindle on, I think about the day I received it. The weekend before my birthday in June, one of my best friends and I decided to take a short weekend trip to Fort Lauderdale. My generous boyfriend, which I have yet to mention in my blog, decided to give me my birthday present the day before I left. He knew that I had been dying for a kindle ever since they came on the market. (I would watch the Amazon Kindle videos in amazement at least once a day.) Because he knew how excited I would be, he decided to record my reaction. Only, he completely threw me off when he walked out of his house...


new year's resolution

Unbelievable. The holidays have come and gone and I was just putting my party hat on. 

Despite the fact that my official work week starts up again tomorrow, I've decided to allow my holiday vacation to end at exactly midnight. That gives me a little less than two hours to relax and enjoy my free time.

I'm not sure if any of you have heard of librarything.com, but it is actually an amazing website. They have a section that is dedicated for groups of people to have topics of discussions related to one of my favorite things... books! One of the groups that was created recently is called '75 Books Challenge for 2012'. Given my dwindling holiday spirit (not midnight yet!), I've decided to make this one of my New Year's resolutions...

75 Books in 2012
Number 1: East of Eden by John Steinbeck. Yes, it's over 500 pages. Haven't you heard? I'm kind of an over achiever.

Let's just pretend I started it today instead of 2 weeks ago...